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Teach A Man All The Chords To A Song And He'll Only Play One Song. Teach Him All the "ELEMENTS OF GOSPEL"

Music And He'll Play Every Song He Hears

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The "Elements of Gospel" Are All those Fancy Tricks, Runs, Fills And Chord Progressions That Creates the Unique Sound of Contemporary Gospel and Worship Songs.

Learn to Play Gospel From an Educator Not Just A Church Musician - There Really is a Difference - Let Me Prove it!

Ever wonder how musicians can just sit down at the piano or organ and play any song they want and never run out of ideals adding a new touch or a fresh sound everytime they play. The truth of the matter is they have LEARNED and MASTERED the "Elements of Gospel" which gives them the freedom to play what they want, when they want and how they want.


NOW You Can learn The Elements of Gospel, using my brand new learning system. A 45 Page Comprehensive Book With detailed illustrations and diagrams featuring over 40 lessons on FIVE Audio CD's to conveniently use in you Stereo, Portable CD Player or Walk-man. Featuring Greg Hannon, M. M. -The Nations Leading Educator In Gospel Music at the Keyboard Demonstrating and Teaching All the Essential Elements of Gospel Music.


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From Greg Hannon - President and CEO of,

Whether you're a musician at your church, playing for your Choir or Praise Team, or Just simply want to Learn to Back Up The Preacher.... I've exhausted every resource and my 22 year education in developing this learning system for YOU!


My guess is that you have been playing for quit sometime, you may have been taking lessons for years from every musician and piano teacher you can find. You may even be one of thousands who have exhausted many hours searching the internet look for chords to a song of even a new "run or fill' to add to your music.

You've spent a truckload of money ordering instructional books and CD's only to find yourself more frustrated and disappointed because it was a waste of your time and money. You have even considered giving up, feeling as if may not have what is takes. Despite all your hardwork, your progress is painfully slow and you don't play the way you would like.



My New Learning System The "Elements of Gospel" Music Will Teach

YOU All the Major Components of Gospel Music Step-By-Step and Note-By-Note


Hear What Music Professors Have to Say:


Finally a true professional musician…

As a music educator and aspiring Gospel musician, I've seen all types of "fly-by-night" promotions. It is great to finally see a musician that can play music, but also possess the necessary theory background to actually identify the chords in which he’s playing. So many musicians just want you to “mock” and copy what they do. They have no idea what notes they’re playing, much less the chords they’re trying to teach. Their only aim is: This just sounds good.

With these videos, you'll understand every chord progression, as well as their relationship to the words and music composed by the composer. These videos will certainly educate you on the important points of Gospel playing, but more importantly, they’ll educate you on chord structure, music theory, harmonization, and key relationships to name a few things. Many aspects other musicians and their tapes are clueless of.

If you want to be educated “the correct way” and actually learn chords names and their functions, and not merely “mock” the fingerings of people who have no clue about the basic aspects of music making, BUY THESE VIDEOS.

Thank you,
Dr. P. Girtmon

I am are so confident that you will be totally Blown Away by This Course that I given you the same Money Back Guarantee that's offered of all my product. That's How much I believe in your success.

Learn the techniques and tricks the pros use, to make gospel sound so incredible... has shown thousands of students just like you how to not just play Contemporary Gospel, but how to truly master it!



"If You're Serious About Mastering The "Elements Of Gospel' Music, and You Have Always Dreamed Of Playing Like The Pro's; You Can't Afford to Miss This Offer"

I've done all the work for you! So You want have too...

Now YOU Will Finally Understand.........................

The hottest Gospel Secrets From one of the nations leading Educator in Contemporary and traditional Gospel Music.
Secrets that Musicians use everyday but refuse to tell you! All Secrets Revealed
Practice Exercises that will get you grooving' in no time.
The secret for improvisation with scales and ACTUALLY USING THEM
Improvise using "CHUBS" oh so simply but will blow your audience away every time
The one Chord that will propel your service into Prophetic Worship
Learn To Play and apply Signature Licks to your Favorite Gospel Songs
Learn Tricks used by your Favorite Gospel Artist
Learn Seven modern Chord Progressions used in thousands of your Favorite Songs.
Master Altered Dominant Chords for a true Jazzy sound.
Learn to apply Elements of R&B Jazz and Blues to your Favorite Gospel songs.
Learn how to use the Blues Scale. Create Endless melodic riff for All your Songs

Lean to understand Music Theory and excelerate your playing to the next level

Master Arpeggios, Worship Chords and more

Learn Piano Techniques you hear all the time but never could figure out

The ability to read music is not required, follow the easy illustrations and diagrams in my 45 Page Book.



You Can't Afford to Miss this Ground Breaking Course

Get the Best of my 22 Year Education-- all jam-packed into an fully illustrated learning guide and Five Instructional Audio CD's

By Learning the "Elements of Gospel" you'll be able to play and understand all those Fancy Tricks, Runs,
Fills, and PHAT Chords associated with Gospel Music that musicians Refuse to show you.

This learning system is for ALL MUSICIANS. Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Players.

... While this unique first-time opportunity still exists!
You'll receive...

>> The 45 Page Text Book. Packed with hundreds of illustrations, diagrams and tables simple and easy to understand. I've broken down the most important components used in today's gospel by every top musician in the gospel industry......You won't get that from an ordinary music teacher......PLUS my book includes over 40 lessons ranging from Preaching chords, Worship Chords, Jazz chords to melodic improvisation to create those sensational runs, fills and licks galore..
>> The 5 Audio CD Collection containing 40 tracks ranging from lesson 1 to lesson 40. Each lesson is correlated with each chapter in the text book giving you an easy applicable format to learn from. Greg Hannon will personally guide you through every Chord Progression, Every Lick, Every Walk-up, Ear training tips and music theory lesson all from the keyboard in his personal studio......Try getting that from the average music teacher.........It's better than the real thing.

All for the reasonable investment of $67.00

... That's just a small fraction of the Hundreds of dollars that you've invested in other instructional products that didn't work. I'm not just an anointed player, I'm first and foremost a MUSIC EDUCATOR with a Masters of Music Degree. There is difference.

.......I teach thousands of student all over the world. who are elated by my teaching method and are now playing at the optimal level.......

And it's not even a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of private lessons where the instructor doesn't even teach this kind of method because they simply don't understand how.."

Best of all, as you can see below, this package is simple -- designed to be concise and hard-hitting so you'll waste absolutely NO TIME and be able to start applying the elements of Gospel the day you receive it. -- Drastically improve your Playing.


Here's What you will Receive

Don't Waste Another Day! Finally a Proven method with Guaranteed Success!!! ... Read On ->

Stop wasting valuable money On Products that don't deliver

The resources at are developed to give you professional Gospel Keyboard instructions and teach you the bare essentials of Gospel Music backed by my Masters Of Music Degree.

My Method is designed to get straight to the matter of learning Church Music. I don't start at the beginning. I start right at Sunday morning. I further understand that time is extremely valuable and I strive to get you the quickest result in the shortest time possible.

Get started today and Lean the "Element of Gospel"


Discover The Joy of Learning to Play Gospel Music From a Master Educator


Here's a quick glimpse of what's you will learn in my newest learning system


  • Preaching Chords
  • Blues Scales 

  • Blues Licks

  • Arpeggios     

  • Old School Cadences    

  • The Dorian Scale 

  • Diatonic Sixes  

  • Sus Chord 

  • Thirteenth Chord  

  • Diatonic Triads 

  • 2-5-1 In Major  

  • 2-5-1 In Minor

  • 1-3-4 Progression 

  • 4-3-2-5-1 Progression  

  • 3-6-2-5 Progression 

  • 2-3-6 Progression

  • 1-#1-2-5 Progression  

  • 2-5 Walk-up

  • 5-1 Walk-up  

  • Minor Eleventh Chord  

  • Minor Seven Flat 5  

  • And More...  


"In Order to Master Music You Must Learn the Elements of Gospel - Learn to Play the Way You've Always Wanted

Try my learning system for 90 days
... with absolutely ZERO risk!

Okay, let's assume for a minute that you're still unsure.

I've shown you examples and testimonials from Educators and College Professors.

I'm thoroughly convinced that with minimal effort, YOU CAN Learn to Play the Elements of Gospel and increase your skills, that will provide you with all the necessary tools to perfect the art of Gospel Music.

Maybe you're worried because you've wasted money on other products that came with a lot of hipe and false promises. Maybe you're concerned there's a "catch" or "hidden cost" I haven't told you about. Or maybe, you're secretly worried that you've tried everything else and feel that you'll be wasting your time.

Look, I'd hate to see these worries hold you back from reaching your full potential as one of
God's musicians.

So that's why I've created this learning system.......

You have nothing to lose!!! I am so confident that you will be blown away by my easy and simple Step by Step System.

If You're Still Not Convinced. Test my Learning System for 90 days...

with absolutely ZERO risk!




-- 90-Day Zero-Risk Money back Guarantee --

If you're ready to claim your copy of "The Elements of Gospel" Learning System,
I will mark your receipt
with a "90-Day Money back Guarantee."

So you'll have a full 90 days to listen to all 40 lessons on FIVE audio CD's... review the 45 page lesson book with simple step by step instructions and illustrations.

If at the end of your 90 days, you are not 100% thrilled with all that you've accomplished... if your playing doesn't drastically change.

...Then I invite you to return the entire package -- and I will give you a 100% refund of the entire $67.00 investment that you made. NO QUESTIONS ASKED



If you've tried everything else and was not satisfied with the results, You didn't reached my website by accident. I have thousands of students around the world just like you that are now playing gospel on a professional level.....

Don't miss this Life Changing opportunity

Four ways to place your order

Claim your package in the next 2 minutes:

1. Click here to order right now with our Secure Server. Remember: If you're not thrilled with my new learning system, just send the package back within 90 days, and you pay absolutely nothing, no questions asked!
2. Call 770-675-3166 (9am - 5pm Eastern Time) to place your order by phone.

Outside of business hours please leave a detailed message, with your name, call-back number, the best time to call, and the product name, "The elements of Gospel."
3. Click here to print an order form to mail or fax your order.

The entire package will be shipped to you via USPS Priority mail , and will be delivered right to your own front door immediately-- so you can begin using "The Elements of Gospel" right away.

Truly His,

Greg Hannon, M. M.

What I've offered you here is an opportunity to jump straight to the top and bypass boring traditional methods that don't work........Hear the Changes right away.

P.P.S. Don't forget, in the "Elements Of Gospel", you get 40 of the most essential elements used by every top musician... all for the reasonable investment of just $67.00 -- a bargain, especially when you consider how much time this will save you going to a private music teacher.

Remember: our window of opportunity is CLOSING even as you read this letter! It's critical that you move quickly to claim this first time advantage!

P.P.S. With my 90-Day No-Risk Moneyback Guarantee, you can't lose because not only will I give you a complete refund of the purchased price -- I'll do is with a smile.


Don't let another day go by without Reaching your full potential. God still remembers your dream. Learn to play Gospel from a teacher that really care about their students.

"My amazingly simple, step-by-step teaching method is unlike anything you've ever seen. This incredible method is not available anywhere else."

Now you can unlock your full playing potential starting on your very first day... Even if you've tried everything and failed miserably.

"Master the exact same, step-by-step so-called secrets that professional musicians used everyday.

Don't even waste another minute! Why?
Because this is your season...

YES! Greg

Please RUSH my copy of the "Elements of Gospel." I understand that I have a 90-Day Zero-Risk Moneyback Guarantee If I'm not totally satisfied ......NO QUESTIONS ASKED



Take advantage of this introductory offer, It may be increasing...

You have nothing to lose. Except regretting not taking advantage of this offer!


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